David McCloskey's Maps of Cascadia


This beautiful new map, companion to the Cascadia Map (2015), shows “The Great Bowl of Green Waters” of The Salish Sea from high Mountains’ crest down thru lush river valleys running into the saltsea... Stunningly detailed, it shows the life of this land on many levels, and tells graphically for the first time the "Story of Ice"
in shaping this place...
Published in 2022 for the first time.

Size: 27” wide x 39” high


This handsome map shows “A Great Green Land” stretching from the Pacific coast to the crest of the Continental Divide, and from California north to Alaska. It shows how the land works on many levels. It explores the natural and cultural integrities of this place, making it a coherent and whole bioregion. In linking land and sea together, it shows the North Pacific seafloor and Cascadia Subduction Zone in dramatic relief. The map also provides for the first time an integrative cross-border framework to understand regional vegetation and shared ecosystems. It also shows Cascadia in the wider context of the macro-Bioregions of Western North America. This is the original Cascadia Map created by Dr. David McCloskey, the model copied by many others…

Size: 27-1/2” wide X 39-1/4” high

David McCloskey's Cascadia Institute
For more information about the maps, go to David McCloskey's website. This site is dedicated to learning to tell the story of this place called “Cascadia.” Cascadia is a great green land on the northeast Pacific Rim. It is a land of falling waters…..

Cascadia Map - Paper
Cascadia Map - Paper


Ish River Map - Paper
Ish River Map - Paper

Ish River Map - Laminated
Ish River Map - Laminated


Cascadia MegaMap -- 15’ h X 11’ w !--@ Esri User Conference, July 2015, in San Diego, honoring the map’s selection as “Map of the Year” gracing the cover of their 30th Annual Map Book, showcasing the best maps created in the world in the last year! (Cody Camarata standing in front, photo by Alex Philp @BigDataAlex on Twitter).

Information: Contact David McCloskey at cascadia.institute@gmail.com

(Marsha McCloskey is David McCloskey's wife. Feathered Star Productions is her company and is handling the Cascadia Map orders.)